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Providing the Luxury and Atmosphere

Since its establishment in 1970, our main purpose at Old South Country Club has been to create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury for our esteemed members. Besides the main focus on the golf course, we have an on-site restaurant where members can get a drink after a round of golf or bring the family for dinner.

Open Hours

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 10 pm
Saturday- Sunday: 10am – 10pm

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3521 Gateway Avenue
Lancaster, CA 93534

A family-oriented club that is home to one of the finest private golf courses in the Mid-Atlantic region., the new 18-hole golf course started. A country club is a privately owned club. Often, country clubs have membership quotas, and members are being admitted by invitation or sponsorship. Generally, it offers both a variety of recreational sports and facilities for dining and entertainment. Typically, most country clubs offer other athletic services like golf, tennis, and swimming. A country club is most commonly found in city outskirts or suburbs. It’s distinguished from an urban athletic club by having considerable grounds for outdoor activities and a significant focus on golf.

Country clubs are often private organizations. In small towns, memberships in the country club may not be as exclusive or costly as in larger cities where there’s competition for a limited number of memberships. Besides the fees, some clubs have special requirements you must fulfill before you can join. For example, memberships can be limited to those who live in a specific housing community.

Clubs often boast extensive facilities with top-rate golf courses, dining options, pro shops, and lots more, intended to enhance the guest experience of their visitors.

Our Partner

The Old South Country Club has always been an exclusive gathering place for esteemed members. And now, we have teamed up with Home Security Heroes to offer even more benefits to our members. With various providers of identity theft protection available like Aura where you can get your aura free trial, our members can rest assured that their personal information is secure while they enjoy all that the club has to offer. Whether you are enjoying your luxury relaxation or indulging in a gourmet meal, you can do so with the peace of mind that your identity is protected. At the Old South Country Club, we strive to provide our members with the best of everything, and our partnership with Home Security Heroes is just one more way we fulfill that promise. Come and watch the video on one of our providers Aura.

What’s New Around Our Club :

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What Our Guests Have to Say

An excellent golf course. Well maintained and in excellent condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. A good test of golf with a good variety of challenges on the way round. We’ll definitely return to play the course again.

- Joseph J. Richards

Stayed a few nights with family. Large, modern, and clean apartment with a very good kitchen. Great view from the big balcony. Nice pool just outside and own carport. We really enjoyed the stay and the resort. Very good price vs quality.

- Betty L.

They have a tennis court and a great center court. The locker rooms are clean, well maintained and the clubhouse is Amazing! We will come back. 

- John Schmidt

Lovely facility. Golf course excellent, apartments better than much of the hotels in the area, level of service very good, Ready to come back and take more golf lessons. Worth a visit if you looking for a nice golf experience, peace, and good service.

- Victor C. Cheek

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Membership in Old South Country Club

As a fully functional golf club with a vibrant, energetic membership, Old South Country Club is filled with awesome members who appreciate and value all it offers. Often, golf clubs and courses are notorious for being stuffy and having a stiff and almost pretentious...

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