5 Important Amenities Every Golf Country Club Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking forward to your next golf trip or you’re thinking of playing golf for the first time, choose the right golf club.

Make sure it has the essential amenities vital for your performance as well as golfing experience. It shouldn’t just have 18 holes, but also other amenities such as gym, pool, clubhouse, and clean water, among others.

Too often, golfers choose golf clubs without considering various amenities that will either help or hurt their games. Instead, they settle in country clubs to impress their colleagues and do nothing to enhance their performance.

Make sure to do your homework before you make that trip to any golf country club. In this article, we’ll narrow down to the five most essential amenities every country golf club needs. They include:

  • Pool
  • Clean water
  • Clubhouse
  • Locker room
  • Practice facilities

5 Social Amenities to Look for a Country Club


A pool is among the highly used and most appreciated amenities in a golf country club. People join them to relax and have fun with friends in a congenial setting. Golf club pools offer lots of magnificent things to their members.

These pools enable golfers to relax after a tiresome game and offer places where members can have a good time with their kids and peers. They enable people to make connections, help people to swim, and improve their swimming skills.

Clean water

Clean water is an essential natural resource for every golf country club. Like any other athlete, golfers need to consume clean water to replace water lost and is important for heat exhaustion, thermoregulation, and prevent cramps.

As golfers play, their body temperature rises. In response, they sweat to take off excess heat so that the body doesn’t overheat. If you’re not hydrated, your body won’t perform at its best. You may experience dizziness, have muscle cramps, feel tired, among other symptoms.

Besides, golf courses need water because it’s necessary for the conversation of turf for a better golfing experience. Golf course workers utilize most of their time irrigating the fields for turf conservation.

Also, they change hole locations, clean up debris, scout for pests, and rake bunkers.

The clubs may also need a well water softener to convert hard water to soft water. Based on different topics, choose the right water softener for you. With different topics available, there’s something for everyone.


With so many options to play golf, golfers want the best of both worlds from a golf club, and a clubhouse offers just that. 

A clubhouse is a building where golfers report on arriving at the golf club. It contains a shop where members pay for food and drinks, a meeting room and a bar or lounge for social interaction.

Clubhouses in different golf clubs vary greatly in terms of size and luxury. As the saying goes, the fancier the golf club, the more expensive it is to play- and more likely to have a nice clubhouse.

Locker room

For anyone who has never been to a golf club, the best way to describe the typical locker rooms is “prolific”. Country club locker rooms are fashionable gathering spots and primary social space.

Since they are important to the general club performance, they ought to be luxurious and comfortable.

Golf club lockers should be easy to maintain and clean. Everything should appear new for a longer period and maintain durability. Golf club lockers assist you in conveying the opportunity associated with access to the facility.

Much like homes, golf clubs should have architectural and interior design locker rooms. Besides, they should also have spa-grade showers and conditioning facilities.

Practice facilities

Practice makes perfect. Some golfers are obsessed with practicing while others can’t. Those who detest practice blame it on various sources; it may be humbling, boring, or unproductive.

Generally, the lack of skill improvement is usually cited as the main reason golfers give up on the practice.

However, a bad practice facility may be the key factor in such hate. Construction expenses, limited space, and maintenance costs are the main reasons why existing practice facilities may be in poor conditions or why renovations have not been done.

Over the last few years, however, things have changed. Good practice facilities now represent areas where players can up their game and is commonly a key factor when golfers choose between facilities.

More importantly, practice facilities create room for introducing new players and teaching them essential skills and etiquette, creating a group of new proficient golfers and customers.


There is no one common fit when choosing golf clubs. With all the variations and types of golf clubs, it’s important to equip yourself with the right knowledge before settling for one

 Besides the club itself, there are key factors to consider before choosing a club. Ensure to keep this guide in mind as you probe for a golf club.

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